Review: Finding Sky

joss stirling
308 pages
25 chapters + epilogue

on the back:
'You have half our gifts, I have the other...'
When English girl, Sky, catches a glimpse of bad boy Zed in her new American high school, she can't get him out of her head. He talks to her with his thoughts. He reads her mind. He is the boy she will love for ever. Shadows stalk her past but a new evil threatens her future. Sky must face the dark even if it means losing her heart.

I wanted to like this book from the start, because I'd heard a lot of good things about this. And I did, for awhile... But then I realised something, and I thought, 'Original?'

The honest answer is no. It is not the most original plot there ever is. Girl meet strange bad boy with weird powers - bad boy has a personality replant - girl and boy fall in love with each other - danger ... and so on. But you know what, the whole idea behind the actual book, with the Savants is something that sets the book out from the rest! It is literally a breath of fresh air to the Vampires and the Werewolves and Zombies.

As the book progressed I liked it more and more. It is the kind of book that you literally can't put down, you get over its downs and just get caught up in the moment. I must admit I found Zed and Sky a really cute couple!  :P

It was so good I couldn't put it down till from the start to finish. Yep, I stayed up all night finishing this book, but it was worth it.  I didn't feel tempted to skip to last page, I was too interested in what was happening right in the moment I was reading about.
This book made me laugh out loud, smile wildly and cry, sometimes at the same time.

I highly recommend this book, you won't be disappointed - once you get into it!

finding sky book trailer

Read the sequel, 'Stealing Phoenix' which is Yves' story, already out:

'This is about getting you out...I'm stealing you.'
Phoenix belongs to the Community - a gang of thieves with paranormal powers. Yves Benedict - an American student visiting London - is her mark.  But Yves turns out to be more than just a target.  He is her destiny.  Her soulmate.  But the Community owns Phoenix's past and it wants her future too.

stealing phoenix book trailer
Location: UK
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  1. Happy move! I love what you've done with the place. :-)

  2. I didn't like this book as much as I thought I would. I just don't find Sky that interesting.

    Anyway, nice blog! I'm a new follower. :)

    Sarah @ Smitten over Books



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