Interview; Cindy C Bennett


Here is an interview with Cindy C Bennett, author of Geek Girl!!

What gave you the idea to write Geek Girl?
I wish I had some great story, like I had a dream, or saw a couple like Jen & Trev, or had an epiphany. But, boring as it is, I simply thought of it. I wrote it as a short story for a contest. Then, unable to get Jen & Trev out of my head, I felt compelled to tell the complete story. And voila, we have Geek Girl.

Who is your favourite character in Geek Girl?
Though it seems obvious to say Trevor (who wouldn't want a Trevor in their life??) I have to say Jane. I liked the way she came in, completely nonjudgmental, and helped Jen to get back on her feet and realize she was perfectly fine as she was, but that if she wanted to change, that was okay also.

Can you explain your book in less than 10 words?
Goth girl meets geek boy, worlds collide in good ways.

Can you tell us why people should read your book?
Why not? lol.
If you like sarcastic, funny characters who hook up with their polar opposite, then this is for you. I tried to plant subtle life lessons about not judging others by their appearance without being preachy. I'm a sucker for happy endings, so while it might not be the easiest journey getting there, you just might find one at the end of their story.

What type of books do you usually read/enjoy reading?
I mostly read YA honestly, and not just because that's the genre I write in. I particularly enjoy dystopian YA (can't write it, but love to read it), as well as contemporary and paranormal YA. I'm also a fan of horror and romance - sometimes both together.

What is your favourite book?
That's a tough one because I love so many, but my favorite book I read in 2011 is Flat Out Love by Jessica Park. (And that's saying a lot because I read some amazing books this year.) Flat Out Love was just so incredibly charming, funny, and touching. It's one I'll definitely reread.

Who is your favourite author?
I would have a really hard time narrowing that down. There are many great new authors coming on the scene right now. Some of my previous favs are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, VC Andrews, Jean Auel, Sarah Dessen, Laura Kinsale, Diana Gabaldon. I could actually go on for pages with authors I love to read, both past and present, so I'll stop now in order to save space on your blog. :o)

Which book are you currently reading?
I have a huge pile of TBR books, none of which I've started yet. I think next I'll probably read either Seers by Heather Frost or The Breakup Artist by Shannen Crane Camp. However, if you count graphic novels, I am almost finished with volume I of The Walking Dead.
What other books have you written?
Heart on a Chain about an abused girl who is also bullied at school. When her childhood sweetheart returns, the game changes.
Immortal Mine about a small town girl who's life is turned upside down when Sam moves into town. She knows there's something different about him, but could never imagine just how different he really is.

Are you working on anything at the moment?
I'm currently working on a series of short stories based on fairy tales set in contemporary times. The stories will fall somewhere between the current "Disney" version and the classical version of the tale. I'll soon start a new novel for the publisher as soon as they let me know which of my ideas they want me to pursue. Then following that I'll write the sequel to Immortal Mine.

Did you believe in Santa?-if you did, how old where you when you found out?-how did you find out?
I did believe. As a matter of fact, I remember when I was about 8 my friend told me she'd seen him in her living room. We both thought we were so smart to have the proof for all the doubters! I honestly don't remember how I found out, or even how old I was (apparently it wasn't all that traumatic) but I'll tell you the hilarious and sad story of how my cousin did. She was home from school and watching the $25,000 Pyramid on TV. For those who don't remember, it's an old game show in which one person gave clues to another for them to guess a category. On this day, one of the categories was "Things That Are Make Believe." The hints being given: Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy... Needless to say, within 30 seconds she had all of her childhood fantasies shattered.

Favourite food?
Anything junky. I wish it were something healthy. My current weakness is a hot, gooey, doughy chocolate chip cookie with ice cream and hot fudge on top.

Favourite colour?
Pink. Always has been, for as long as I can remember. I tend to gravitate toward all things pink.

Most embarrassing thing that happened to you?
Oh, man, you want me to admit that here? What is your blog rated? lol. Okay, here goes (please don't let my kids or parents read this!). One time, when we were younger(!), my husband and I - who are not avid hikers - decided to take an early morning hike. It was quiet and beautiful, and we came upon a large, flat rock in front of this amazing water fall. And we thought... well, we thought, why not? There's no one here. So we began to get, um, amorous for want of a better explanation (and to keep it PG). And to our surprise, we found that early morning is when most people DO go hiking. Yup, we got caught. Oh, how I'd like to go back and undo that day! My cheeks are burning even now at the recollection.

Anything we missed? -Make up your own random question and answer it:
Why all the geek references in the book?
I am a complete and utter geek. I know far too much about Star Wars, sci-fi, comic book characters, super heroes, zombies... I'm currently addicted to The Walking Dead on AMC. I love to watch the old, cheesy movies on Sci-Fi channel (and the new, cheesy movies). I co-host a podcast called The RyTime! Geekcast with my son. I love all things geek, including technology, though I'm more of a casual geek-fanatic rather than an expert at any of it.

Cindy-You can find out more about me, my books, and the podcast I do at http://cindybennett.blogspot.com/

Thank you to Cindy for doing this interview! And be sure to read her book Geek Girl!
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