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Hey guys! I know its been two weeks since I last posted, (I'm really sorry about that, exams started) but I hope you enjoy this!!
Here is an interview with Stephanie Abbott, author of Something Different! Enjoy......

What gave you the idea to write Something Different?
I saw a brief clip on BBC America from a police show.  A shy, repressed man sat on a park bench.  A beautiful young man, no more than twenty-one, approached him.  The image stuck in my mind.  Of course, in the show, the punter kills the rent boy.  I started imagining a different scenario, and it turned into Something Different.

Who is your favourite character in Something Different?
Michael Maguire.  I’m not even sure where he comes from, really.  We’re nothing alike.  But I enjoyed getting inside his head and watching him change as his relationship with James deepens.

Can you explain your book in less than 10 words?
LOL, yes.  Repressed man is saved by hot rent boy sex.

Can you tell us why people should read your book?
No matter what genre I’m writing in (cozy mysteries as Emma Jameson, urban fantasy as Stephanie Abbott or adult romances as S.A. Reid) I try to deliver an entertaining page-turner with as many surprises as possible.  In my S.A. Reid books (Something Different, Protection, and the upcoming Soulless) I also try to push the envelope as far as including realistic or difficult topics. 

What type of books do you usually read/enjoy reading?
All types.  But some of my absolute favorite mysteries are by Ruth Rendell, M.C. Beaton and Alexander McCall Smith.  Some of my favorite fantasy authors include Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman and Anne McCaffrey.  For the classics, I adore Jane Austen and have a love-hate relationship with Charles Dickens.

What is your favourite book?
That’s really impossible for me to answer, but I usually say The Once and Future King by T.H. White.  It’s astonishing, meaningful daring, and beautifully written.

Who is your favourite author?
Again, impossible, really.  I find Jane Austen is a nice safe answer.  I adore everything she ever wrote.  But to choose one favorite is to criminally ignore so many other amazing authors.

Which book are you currently reading?
I am starting Death Comes to Pemberly by P.D. James.  On the research front, I am finishing The Sexual History of London by Catharine Arnold.

What other books have you written?
As S.A. Reid, I also have Protection, a m/m romance set in 1930s London.   As Emma Jameson, I have Ice Blue, a contemporary cozy mystery.  As Stephanie Abbott, I just released the first book in my urban fantasy series, Past Lives #1: Rachel.

Are you working on anything at the moment?
Always.  I am finishing the sequel to Ice Blue, called Blue Murder.  Next comes Soulless and Past Lives #2: Brannon.

Did you believe in Santa?-if you did, how old where you when you found out?-how did you find out?
I can’t recall ever believing in Santa.  I remember when I was about four, my older brother was teasing me about Christmas and said Santa might not bring me any presents.  I said, “None of that is real!”  When my mother agreed with me, I took her word as proof.  Later I announced my disbelief in Santa to my first grade class.  The teacher publicly scolded me for having no imagination.  I guess she would be shocked to learn I grew up to write fiction.

Favourite food?
That would be every variety of cheese know to (wo)man.

Favourite colour?
Emerald green.

Anything we missed? -Make up your own random question and answer it:
Any pets?
Three kitties: Salem the big black cat, Howard the orange tabby and Zahara the haughty purebre Silver Bengal.  They are my babies!
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