(FF#1) Teen Life: Everything a Teenager Should Know to Survive the Teen Years


Feature Friday is something new we have that features books we get sent by authors, but can't review.
This is the first Feature Friday! 
And today the book is: 

Teen Life: Everything a Teenager Should Know to Survive the Teen Years

Teen Life is the ultimate and most complete book for teenagers. It deals with all the issues teens face today such as drugs, bullying, pregnancy, sex, and peer pressures while showing teens how to successfully navigate through the turbulent high school years. Teen Life offers inspirational advice that teens can relate to in a concise and straightforward language they can understand. This book explains the consequences of bad choices and shows how choosing positive alternatives can successfully impact their lives. Teens will not always confide in the adults in their lives due to fears of being judged or punished. Teen Life provides a safe and comforting place were they can gain insight on their own terms. Teen Life offers ideas on how to enhance school life, how to deal with your first crush, all types of relationships, secrets, how to prepare for the future, and more. It motivates teens to take a positive initiative that will enhance their lives and secure a prosperous, successful and happy future.


"How to Make Friends and Fitting In"
You are either the new kid or just want to expand your circle of friends.  Well, alright!  Congratulations!  There are literally hundreds of potential new friends at your school and most likely they are also looking to expand their circle of friends.
First thing you have to do is relax; people like to hang around cool, calm, and collected people.  Teens have a lot of stresses in their lives, as you already know, and the friends they choose are people who are relaxed, fun and real.  They want to relax and unwind from the pressures of their teen lives.  So relax and be cool.  Don’t appear too anxious.  People will sense this and won’t want to hang with you.  
Where do we look for friends?   Well, you need to find out where you fit in.  Let’s find your group.  Think of an activity or hobby you enjoy.  The following are some activity ideas:

"How to Make Them Fall in Love"
In this section I will give you some advice on how to make them fall in love with you.  This is the magic question in a lot of people's minds, especially young ones.  After you have read the last section on dating tips then practice the following tips: 

1.  Once you see that person in a room, stand up straight and confident and look at them for a few seconds.  Make sure they see you looking at them.  Once you catch their attention, look away and look down at something you have in your hands or just your hands. This will let them know you may be interested and pick their curiosity.  If you are in a group of people where someone is talking, pay more attention to your person of interest than the speaker.  Keep gazing back to your person of interest.  Again, make sure they know you are looking at them.  Don’t say a word yet.  This has the possibility of creating excitement.

Find out what you can about that person with your friends…

Bullying is wrong and it can have grave consequences. The “Universal Rule” tells us we should treat others as we want to be treated. There is NO excuse for one human being to do harm to another human being.  It is just wrong! 
     All of these are considered forms of bullying: physical bullying, emotional bullying, cyber bullying and sexting, or circulating suggestive, nude photos or messages about a person. 


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