Interview; Cat Clarke


So excited to have interviewed Cat Clarke, the author of Entangled and Torn!

What made you decide to write Entangled? 
I came up with the idea in an English Language A-level exam a looooong time ago. I wrote about a girl who'd been abducted. I knew I wanted to explore the story further, but because I'm the laziest person on the planet it was years before I actually started writing the book. And the finished book bears very little resemblance to what I wrote in that exam - the storyline is completely different (and hopefully better!).

How would you describe Sal?
I like Sal. I know a lot of people don't, but I think she's a good person and a good friend for Grace, She's caring and very good at listening. I think that Grace would maybe have turned out more like Sal if she hadn't been through such tough times (SPOILER ALERT!).

Are there any characters who are based on real people?
I'm not telling you that! Actually, I tend to take bits and pieces from people I know (or people I knew when I was a teenager) and mix them up with a little bit of imagination, That way I (hopefully) avoid getting into trouble! My dad tends to think that any dad character I write is based on him, no matter what I tell him!

How did you come up with the name of the book, 'Entangled'?
The short answer is: I didn't! I had a couple of different working titles when I was writing the book. I knew neither of them were right, and my editor wanted us to come up with something else. I spent a couple of weeks compiling a long list of possible titles (using my iPod playlist for inspiration). Then my editor got back to me suggesting ENTANGLED and it felt right straight away. I wish I'd thought of it though! (I did manage to come up with the titles of the next two books though, so I'm not totally useless.)

Is there any chance of it being turned into a film? 
I have no idea. It would be really very cool to see my characters on the big screen though! I think the story of ENTANGLED might be better suited to a play or a three-part TV series (not that I've thought about it, you understand *cough*). And if Kaya Scodelario was available to play Grace, that would be pretty awesome.

Thank you for answering our questions Cat, is there anything else you'd like to add? 
*ponders* Nope, I think that just about covers it. Thank you so much for having me on your blog today!

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  1. Hello there!
    I found your blog via the blogaholic network =) so thought I would stop by and check it out.... Congrats on reaching over 100 followers and for your first giveaway!

    I'm a book mad mum of two, hoping to develop my booky-blog. This is where I am:
    It would be awesome if you could come check it out... And any tips would be welcome. ;0)

    P.S. Entangled looks intriguing... I like the cover. I also like that the author came up with this story in an A-level exam... It's amazing what an idea can grow into...



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