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Hey guys, so basically we need another reviewer, and not sure if you have noticed but I had been changing everything on the site form 'I' to 'We' a while ago to prepare for this.

As school started it's getting harder to post everyday and provide a lot of reviews, so I'm looking for 2 or 3 people who are interested in reviewing on behalf of Zone Out Mode and joining the team.

We need a reviewer to review popular books that have already been released and you've already read. And we also need a reviewer who has an e-reader and is interested in reviewing ARCs (Advanced Reader's Copies) of Books we get sent by authors.

So basically how this would work is that I would send you a list of books that need to be  reviewed, you would choose which one you want to read, I'll send it to you and you review it! Simple!

Also if anyone is interested in helping choose books for "The NEXT Read" recommendations, that would be awesome too!

Once you become a reviewer, you would also be featured on our "About Page" which is being created now.

So you've read all of that and now if you're wondering "How do I become a part of the team??" here it is:

All you need to do is fill out the form below and enter a review that you have already written, or a mock "The NEXT Read" recommendation and three or five will be picked!

In a review:
-first briefly set the scene of the book, and characters and summarise it without giving anything away.
-then move onto actually reviewing it, i.e what you felt about characters, the way the book was written etc
-then choose a number out of 5 to rate it, (1 being bad, 5 being the best)

In a "The NEXT Read" recommendation:
-choose a popular book
-then choose a book that is similar to it, this can be for a wide variety of reasons, e.g. both have a lot of action, are written in a similar style of writing etc
READ A "The NEXT Read" post

The form:

ss 9213346180059626667

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