Books that SERIOUSLY... Made us cry: Alone On A Wide Wide Sea


Hey guys, we're kicking of our 'Books that SERIOUSLY...' feature here with the monthly topic being:

Books that SERIOUSLY... Made us cry

I know we said we'd start a new topic altogether for November but to be honest we're not completely done with books that made us cry yet. So this will continue onto the end of November. And in December we actually WILL start a new topic, promise!

Another book that had us sobbing and dramatically holding a hand over our heart is Michael Morpurgo's Alone On A Wide Wide Sea: 

The thing about this book is that there isn't just one sad part, there are many... and we're not even exaggerating. And the beautiful way Morpurgo presents them to us really doesn't help matters. 

Here's the synopsis:
When orphaned Arthur Hobhouse is shipped to Australia after World War II he loses his sister, his country and everything he knows. The coming years will test him to his limits, as he endures mistreatment, neglect and forced labour in the Australian outback. But Arthur is also saved, again and again, by his love of the sea. And when he meets a nurse whose father owns a boat-building business, all the pieces of his broken life come together.

Now, at the end of his life, Arthur has built a special boat for his daughter Allie, whose love of the sea is as strong and as vital as her father’s. Now Allie has a boat that will take her to England solo, across the world’s roughest seas, in search of her father’s long-lost sister. Will the threads of Arthur’s life finally come together?

This really is an amazing book to read, it's an all time favourite of ours. Definitely worth a read! You can vote for Alone on a Wide Wide Sea or any other book by Michael Morpurgo here to find the nations favourite Morpurgo book!
You can also read an excerpt here.

Quotes we love:
"So we sang to the stars, all the millions of them up there."

"God can’t be looking everywhere all at once, can he?"

"I feel I’ve come out of half-forgotten, half-remembered times, and I’m sure I’ve often filled the half-forgotten times with made-up memories."

"I think that’s the only kind of immortality we can have, that we stay alive only as long as our story goes on being told."

"Life flashes by all too fast, and is over all too soon."

"The nuns had told us we were off to Australia, but it might as well have been to the moon."

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