Zone Out Mode's Monthly Fanfic (#1)

I know this is a bit late! I'm sorry please don't hate me, but here we go, we're kicking of our Monthly Fanfic feature with Husna's fanfic 'With Your Love (A One Direction fanfiction)'.

So far, 'With Your Love' has 24 Chapters uploaded and is still in the process of being updated on Wattpad. Read below to find out a little bit more about it and also about the author of the fanfic, Husna!

One headache was all it took.
All it took to ruin my career, and loose my best friend.
I found out I had a brain tumor and I had to leave the X factor. I made it so far, but it didn't matter, it was over, I couldn't go on my brain tumor took my career, friends, everything away from me.
I decided not to tell Niall about the brain tumor because I knew that he would leave the competition and come home with me back to Mullingar. I didn't want that for him, I wanted him to carry on with his life, and peruse his dream of singing.
When I got back home, and the surgery was a success, I never thought that I would ever see my best friend again. What were the chances? Niall moved on, got famous, and was currently in the worlds biggest boyband!
Little did I know that Fate is its own person, it does whatever the hell it wants. So one day, I did bump into my best friend.
But what happens when you start to fall in love with your best friend without evening realizing it?

With Your Love was nominated to us by a reader of the fanfic and fortunately, Husna agreed to do a short interview with us, and here it is:

It's an obvious question but, why did you decide to write a fanfic?  
Well, I started to read fanfics and I realized how cool it would be if I were to write one. I've always loved writing since I was little, and I have a burning passion for One Direction, so I mashed my two loves into one, and wrote a story about them :)  

That's cool. If you could meet anyone in your fanfic, who would it be?  
For sure Valerie. Just because she is very chill,  has a great personality, and doesn't take life very seriously and I think we would get along great. 

Ok nice, could you describe your fanfic in less than 10 words? 
Hmm this is going to be hard well here we go: Different, not so serious, cute, fun, unique, filled with love

What's your favourite book? 
Well my favorite book is The Percy Jackson Series which really got me into reading :)

Lastly, if you could have any superpower, what would it be? 
For sure being invisible because there are so many things you can do without getting caught :)

I lay in bed refusing to glance at the time because I didn't know want to get out of bed. It was just one of those days where your mind seemed to think about the most randm topics. Anything seemed interesting to me right now .

"VALERIE WAKE UP YOU LAZY EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING." My best friend Taylor yells somewhere from downstairs. I groan and turn over in bed, not want to get up at all. I lived with my best friend, Taylor and we just understood eachother. I've never really been this close to anyone except for Niall. Yes, Niall as in Niall Horan from the world's biggest boyband, One Direction. I smile as some memories flooded through my head.


“SMILE!” Niall said  

“NO!” I reply hiding my face in his chest  

“Why?!” He asks  

“I look funny,” I say  

“No you don’t know smile”  

It was a gorgeous day and me and Niall were at his house near the pool with the rest of our families.  

I caved in and looked at the camera and smiled.  

Right when I did so, Niall’s mom grabbed the camera.  

“This is a great picture to show in a slide show when you two are married!” She says laughing.  

Everyone that went to our school always asked if me and Niall were dating but we weren’t. We were just best friends and I never felt anything more or less for him, he was like a brother to me.  

“Niall, at least smile, you look like a baby raccoon that lost its mother,” Maura (Niall’s mom) said.  

Niall and I were laughing so hard that Niall fell into the pool, and as he was holding me, I fell in with him.  

I snapped out of the flashback and smiled mostly to myself. My life wasn't perfect, far from it actually. I was only really good at one thing, singing. After much convincing, Niall made me audition on the X-factor with him. I made It pretty far, up until the first live shows actually. I was a pretty modest person and never really accepted compliments on my voice. However, I will admit that I wasn't the worst singer out there. Anyways, once I got into the live shows, my whole world turned upside down. I found out I had a brain tumor. Until this day, my best friend doesn't know why I left the X-factor. Me and Niall never talked, I ignored him because I didn't want him to know what had happened to me. I regret it so much, because now I can't get a hold of him. He's famous, there was no chances. Why is it that when you lay in bed, and feel lazy, that your mind decided to wonder and think about every damn thing in the world? I sigh and get out of bed, and stretch my sore muscles.

You can read Husna's fanfic here!

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